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The orthopedic cat bowl is designed to relieve stress on your cat whilst they eat. Arthritis or general old age can make eating out of regular bowls difficult for your cat. Deep bowls not only add strain on their necks but also make them want to eat too quickly, causing indigestion, vomiting, and a whole lot of pain. It puts your poor kitty under a lot of stress.

93% of customers reported that their cat has not vomited since using the Fur-Balls cat bowl, whilst 35% followed up with a message expressing how much their cat loves to drink out of it!

Combined with this is the 500ml automatic water dispenser, designed to ease your load by having the capacity to dispense water for 3-5 days!


 2 in 1 - automatic water dispenser & food bowls; 2 bowls to contain wet and dry food separately. 

 Encourages hydration & improved appetite - Fur-Balls cat bowl is tilted at a 15-degree angle so that kitty’s food falls towards them creating easier access to their meals, whilst making eating and drinking a more comfortable experience. 

 Detachable parts - the bowls (which can rotate 360 degrees) are easy to take out for cleaning or adding food.

 Automatic Water Supply - 17-ounce capacity is enough for your pet to drink for 3-5 days. The sink separator keeps your pet's hair out of the water keeping their water clean & hair dry.

 Environmentally Friendly Material - food grade PP bowl (considered one of the safest plastics)


The Issue With Traditional Bowls...

Many cat owners think that feline vomiting is just a natural part of a cat's life. This is wrong! Traditional cat bowls lay flat on the ground. This has been shown to cause digestive discomfort, unhealthy appetite control, and vomiting in cats. In addition to this, cats are often able to hide their pain from their owners, meaning that you may never know the pain that they are in!


The Solution :

Fur-Balls cat bowl solves these issues by providing an elevated and tilted position for your kitty to eat and drink from. This encourages proper eating posture and digestive system alignment (by reducing strain on the esophagus), this allows them to enjoy every meal! Your kitty will no longer have to eat in a compromising position, which can lead to stomach sensitivities (stomach gas) and food pickiness


Customers often experience an improvement in their cat's behavior after using the Persian cat bowl. Cats appear more relaxed at dinner time and are more likely to eat wet or dry food, in addition to drinking more water! 91% of cats show an immediate preference for eating/drinking from the Fur-Balls cat bowl. You owe it to your kitty to try this one out!


Material: Environmentally Friendly, PP Material

Water Capacity: 500ml

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